Solar Cooker

Solar cooker is a solar power heating device that uses the inexhaustible energy accessible from the sun. This abundant power from the sun is employed by this heating device generally for the objective of cooking, heating &amp sterilizing and so forth. Solar cooking is a kind of outside cooking which is now becoming promoted to lessen usage of other exhaustible fuel which may possibly finish in the coming future.

A solar cooker is a basic heating device made of a wooden box painted black. In order to concentrate the sunlight there is a reflective mirror of polished glass and a metalized film is placed usually to concentrate the light and heat from sun into a tiny section of cooking location producing it more particular so that more quantity of heat can be utilized. Thereby the heating energy of the device increases. The subsequent step primarily focuses on conversion of the light power of the sun into a usable type of heat. The absorption of the light is mainly

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