Arizona Residential Wind Power Turbines

There are several ways on how to use alternative power sources. One can use solar power, as well as hydroelectric power or the use of wind turbines.

Solar PV harnesses the sun’s energy and converting it to electricity. For Hydroelectric power and wind turbines, the energy is harnessed from the water current and the wind, consecutively, and converted to mechanical energy.

In Arizona, where it is known for its desert climate makes use often of solar PVs, but on the Northern part of Arizona, wind turbines are also used. Arizona is also home to the largest manufacturer of residential wind turbines.

Arizona residential wind power systems make use of residential wind turbines that are smaller than the commercial wind turbines, thus having lower energy output. These turbines can be as small as a fifty watt generator.

Residential wind turbines are becoming popular like the solar PV systems. This is due to the awareness of the public of

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