History Of Wind Turbine Power- Uncovered

The present day world is witnessing a high value of wind turbine power. The year of 1979 marked the commencement of the workings in the modern industry of wind power, with the start of usage of wind turbines. Wind power was tapped and processed to generate electricity by many manufacturers in Denmark, including Kuriant, Vestas, Nordtank and Bonus, along with some other companies as well.

These companies started out with a modest capacity rating that ranged between 20 kW and 30kW. However, within a period of about two years, they were able to expand and attain much higher ratings of capacity. Apart from Denmark, processing of wind power started in many other countries of the world as well. As a result of these global efforts, the current value of wind turbine power currently.stands at 73,904 MW. The United States, Germany, India, China and Spain were some of the nations that had rather high levels of installed capacity by the year 2007. It is also expected that, by the year 2010, the worldwide figure for installed capacity would reach 160 GW, as predicted by the World Wind Energy Association.

It should also be considered that, wind turbine power is the sole factor that is responsible for all this progress.

The countries have not been uniform in their performance in generating electricity from wind power. For example, in the initial years, Germany used to be the global leader in the generation of electricity from wind power. However, in the later years, the authorities in the country apparently lost their zest in this process of electricity generation. Again, this alternate source of generating wind power first made its appearance in America only as a small scale plant in California. However, now this technique of electricity production has expanded manifold in the country.

By 2007, the capacity of wind power in the United States reached 16.8 GW (an increase of around 45 per cent from the initial years). Texas has easily overtaken California in the field of generation of electricity and, usage of wind turbines is still on the rise in this state of the United States. Within a foreseeable future, even US states like Iowa and East Minnesota would separately be producing 1GW of electric power.

The power supplied by the wind energy units that are located offshore, along with the states of Texas, North Dakota and Kansas (with the amounts of wind energy that is processed in each of these states) is said to be able to meet all power requirements of the residents of the US. This is indeed indicative of the enormous faith and confidence that the Department of Energy of America has in the performance levels of wind power turbines.

Denmark is certainly the leading European country in the realm of electricity produced from wind tower. In the whole world, it holds the fifth position in this field too. Wind power is expected to meet about half of the total electricity requirements of Danish people, such is the air of confidence in this nation. In terms of producing wind turbines too, Denmark is counted as one of the worldwide leaders as well.

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